Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disclosure​

Major portions of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Disclosure are also applicable to this, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disclosure. Therefore, it is strongly advised that all visitors on to this site, Hypnosis That Works.com) read the FDA Disclosure first and then read this FTC Disclosure next. The FDA Disclosure contains information that the FTC may require be disclosed to all visitors and donors on this website. And, therefore, is made a part of and referenced to this FTC Disclosure.

All letters of endorsement found in Hypnosis That Works websites, were unsolicited letters sent to Dr. Robert G. Dean voluntarily by donors and recipients of the Trust’s free, group, hypnotherapy and/or Dr. Robert G. Dean’s hypnotherapy cassette tapes and/or CDs gifted to donors by the trust.

Hypnosis That Works has never paid any compensation of any kind to anyone for their endorsement of our services and/or Dr. Robert G. Dean’s narrated audio and written materials and prerecorded media. It has occasionally invited donors to write to the Hypnosis That Works and Dr. Dean, their experiences and results after experiencing said hypnotherapy and prerecorded hypnosis media.

References listed in the Trust’s websites are those who have either requested or accepted a Hypnotherapy Service created by Dr. Robert G. Dean. These services were then gifted to large organizations, law enforcement agencies, Marine Veteran organizations, counties, cities, unions, colleges, and hospitals for the sole purpose of providing to their employees and employee dependents “services” involving free, group, clinical hypnotherapy for tobacco smoking cessation and weight reduction. Over 80 of these entities did, in fact, receive hypnotherapy services called for in the grants given to them and are made a reference the public may rely on for unbiased information as to the quality and superior services provided by the Dr. Dean.

Claims made by New Life Clinics Charitable Trust and/or Dr. Robert G. Dean in any of the Trust’s websites are discussed and disclosed in detail published on said websites. In summary, said disclosures specify that when a visitor to said sites are advised that Dr. Dean’s hypnotic moods, hypnotic feelings, hypnosis sessions, or hypnotherapy session downloads or CDs will do something such a cause weight loss, reduce stress, end pain, stop tobacco smoking, cause desirable moods and feelings, etc. it means that is what happens to many who experience it. For instance, if a car manufacturer indicates you will enjoy the ride of their car, it’s obvious that not everyone will enjoy the ride that the manufacturer is talking about. Therefore, the statement is based upon the experience of the manufacturer with a large number of its customers who liked the ride of their car and, therefore, it’s implied and acceptable for the manufacturer to believe “you” (meaning everyone who reads and/or hears the claim will enjoy the ride of the car, even though not all, and/or you may not). This is marketing “puffery”, and so it is with the hypnosis provided to donors as a thank-you gift for their support of the Trust’s tax-exempt purpose. Consequently, when the Trust advertises to the public on its website, or otherwise, that Dr. Dean’s hypnosis or the hypnosis provided by contracted Doctors of Clinical Hypnotherapy will work and result in a specified benefit to the recipient of said therapy, it is true for many, but is not for “everyone”. Indeed, not everyone is capable of being hypnotized just like not everyone can properly and completely sense the ride of a car or understand what a nice ride in a car is.

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