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Hi. I'm Dr. Robert G. Dean. Most of my patients simply call me "Doctor Bob" or just "Doc".

I get it. You need hypnosis that works...that ends bad habits, phobias (fears) and/or addictions plus causes major self-improvements.

You need to know if hypnosis will work for you. Hey, not to worry, I've got you covered. I have a free hypnosis session for you that you'll absolutely love. It makes you "feel good". Check out everything I reveal to you below and enjoy the free session! Then you'll truly know what's so and what works.

As an aside here...I suggest you never let anyone hypnotize you until you know that person and have reviewed that person's credentials, references and endorsements.They should supply you with a FREE hypnosis session and simple tests to prove to yourself you can be hypnotized. That's just good ethics. Seriously, you don't want to end up paying a hypnotist a fee just to find out you can't be hypnotized!

Speaking of fees, ours is not a fee. It's a one-time donation to charity. What's called for is usually 50% to 70% lower than what most hypnotherapists charge for their hypnotherapy session. That's because we operate "not for profit". In turn, your donation is spent to help people in a world of hurt who can't help themselves such as feeding hungry children.

At the bottom of this page (way-way down to the bottom), you'll find a FREE 12-minute hypnosis session. Listened to it "as directed" so it will work for you. It will hypnotize you to "FEEL GOOD" (I'm talking about feeling really good)! Plus there are a couple of 2-minute tests to prove to yourself that you can be hypnotized. They'll amaze you. One test locks your eyes shut (for a moment) and the other test makes your fingers touch each other in a unique way. If you pass either or both tests, you'll know you can be hypnotized. Then you can experience the 12 minute "FEELING GOOD" hypnosis session. That's the only way to really know how all of this works and, most important, know the hypnosis I administer to you will work for you.

Have a look at the references and endorsements below. Yep, you might say my hypnosis sessions are popular. That's because they work. Intelligent people love them. The thousands of employees and members of the organizations and corporations below are those I hypnotized. Keep scrolling down as you look. I think you'll be impressed. New Life Clinics are the largest and oldest nationwide hypnotherapy clinics in the United States.

Testimonials Letters...They just keep on coming!
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Certificates of Appreciation...keep scrolling!

Here is what a few clients have to say about me.

Dear Dr. Bob, Recently I celebrated my four-year non-smoking anniversary. Your methods really helped me when I believed there was no way I could adopt a smoke-free lifestyle. I give thanks every day for this freedom. Thanks Dr. Bob.
Fred Treadwell
To: Doctor Dean, Thank you so much! You're the only one that works for me. Your voice is perfect for me!
Line Marie Goulet
Hypnotherapy changed my life - actually gave me more control and peace of mind. Best decision I ever made.
Thank you!
Rose Stein

Okay, here is where you quickly learn something
About Hypnosis and How It Works. It's a fast read and tells you how real hypnotherapy works. Don't let the photos below of the badly burned woman or man in brain surgery disturb you. Both are fully recovered and okay thanks to pain relief hypnotherapy.

Though many people associate hypnotism with second-rate magicians, the practice is, in fact, supported by a large number of clinicians and neuroscientists who see it as a powerful tool to access the minds of patients suffering from psychological and psychosomatic disorders. Yet, in order to get the best results out of this strange and apparently effective therapy, it’s vital to know exactly how it affects the brain, which is why a team of researches from Stanford University has conducted a new study looking at which brain regions are most altered by hypnosis, publishing their findings in the journal “Cerebral Cortex”.

To conduct their research, the team screened 545 people in order to determine their susceptibility to being hypnotized, using the Harvard Group Scale for Hypnotic Susceptibility. This enabled them to identify 36 people with particularly high hypnotizability scores, who were all selected to take part in the study along with 21 controls who returned extremely low scores.

Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the researchers scanned the brain of each participant while at rest, while, at the same time, recalling a memory and being hypnotized by listening to a voice recording specially designed to place listeners into a hypnotic trance state.

Explaining the need for this type of research, study co-author David Spiegel claimed in a statement that “hypnosis is the oldest Western form of psychotherapy, but it’s been tarred with the brush of dangling, swinging watches and purple capes… In fact, it’s a very powerful means of changing the way we use our minds to control perception and our bodies.” Therefore, it’s the choice of methods or therapies to change behavior for self-improvement such as tobacco smoking cessation, eating healthy to cause significant weight loss, dramatically improve one’s health, increase self-esteem, end stress, eliminate phobias, be motivated to exercise, end depression, etc.

Because the default mode network (DMN) is largely responsible for a sense of self-awareness and episodic memory, the executive control networks would appear to explain how hypnosis enables people to remain conscious and able to act yet with no ability to reflect on their involvement in these actions.

The second major finding was an increase in connectivity between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) and a brain region called the insula which is associated with somatic function, pain processing, emotion, empathy and a sense of time. This, the researchers say, could explain how hypnosis enables people to overcome or manage pain. Women are being hypnotized to birth their baby free from any pain. Burn victims who cannot be given pain relief drugs are hypnotized to feel no pain during burn wound cleaning, applying sterile dressing, and during recovery from their burns. See photo of a burn victim in hypnosis being debrided (burnt flesh removed from her body) by a surgeon and feels no pain! Also see the photo of a patient undergoing brain surgery without use of anesthesia, is awake, aware and talking to the surgeon completely free from pain! 


Finally, the research team noted a decrease in activity in a brain region called the dorsal interior cingulate cortex (DACC), which forms part of the salience network and is involved in “context evaluation”, helping us decide what to focus on and what to ignore. This finding is highly consistent with the behavior of people in hypnotic trances who often appear totally unaware of certain elements of their environment such as smoking cigarettes. Therefore, after a properly done hypnosis session, one “believes” they never smoked in their entire life or they have always disliked junk, fattening food, etc. 

Summing up, the study authors claim that no brain areas are actually shut down during hypnosis. Instead, the patient’s connectivity is safely altered while the patient is in a state of hypnosis with some connectivity becoming separated and some becoming integrated. As such, they claim that their research “reinforces the idea of hypnosis as a different state of consciousness, rather than a reduced level of arousal.” This is why hypnosis, when used as a therapy, hence “hypnotherapy”, works and is safe when the patient is induced into a proper level of hypnosis by an experienced, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychologist or Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

Okay, you are almost done with checking New Life Clinics. Now it's time to meet "yours truly"

Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth.

"Dr. Bob"

I am New Life Clinics’ Executive Director and Chief Resident Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. All of us at New Life Clinics® are “volunteers”. There is no payroll at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™ (the clinic is an I.R.S. approved and registered non-profit 501(c)3 § 509(a)2 charitable trust) owned by the people of the United States. And, for what it’s worth, I’m financially independent and have no need for a salary. I have worked very hard most of all my life to be in that position. My motive to volunteer is purely from the joy I experience when my clients achieve their goals and the charity that the trust provides to thousands of people in need

On my personal side,  I’m a licensed airplane pilot, Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps, enjoy writing, listening to music, counseling U.S. Military Veterans and traveling. I’m an audiophile (my hobby).  I enjoy listening to music and tinkering with my home built stereo.

I’m a family man. I have been happily married for 37 years. I have 2 great sons and 9 grandchildren. I vote. I”m a patriot. I eat healthy and enjoy daily exercise. I “walk the talk” by living a healthy lifestyle. 
I truly enjoy professionally hypnotizing people to help them feel good and improve their health and well-being. To see obese men and women lose excess body fat is satisfying and thrilling for my patients and delightful to me. To help tens of thousands of people to stop smoking for good and eliminating their unhealthy disorders saves lives, too. Best of all, I enjoy fostering charities that help people who are in a world of hurt and cannot help themselves such as feeding hungry children.

I could go on but I think you get my point. Clearly, my greatest joy is to properly hypnotize people to feel good, be happy and achieve major self-improvements via “state of the art” hypnotherapy I administer to them. And, thanks to years of refinement and research, I mastered the science and art of safely providing extremely effective hypnotherapy to adults on their smartphone in the privacy, comfort and security of their homes. 

Finally, my greatest aspiration in daily life is to master doing the will of our Creator Father


Your doctor of clinical hypnotherapy in a nutshell...

  • 4,024 hours of clinical application, intern training and in office experience to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Hypnotherapy Board Certification.
  • 202 hours of formal supervised training by a medical doctor (M.D.).
  • 1,101 hours of office, and formal classroom lecture and study.
  • In practice since 1989 (over 3 decades)!
  • Formal education and designation: Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ph.D.)
  • Certified Union Master Hypnotist (C.U.M.Hth.), OPEIU, AFL/CIO Local 472, Hypnotist’s Union 
  • Registered, Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.Hth.) by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Irvine, California #5355 (Now owned by American Pacific University).
  • 3 Certifications, Union Hypnotherapist, Conferred June, 1991 through June 1993 #AL930831,F (C.U.Hth.) Hypnotist Union, Local 472, OPEIU, AFL/CIO (1993)
  • Graduate of H.M.I., Two Years of Advanced Studies in Hypnotherapy and Behavior Modification Full time courses,101, 201, 301 for Union Hypnotherapist designation.
  • Author of three guidebooks, “Going to the Top”, “Stop Smoking for Life”, and “weight Management Guide”
  • Certified Hypnotists Union Instructor in private and group, clinical hypnotherapy
  • Full-time Volunteer Hypnotherapist at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust (clinics) since 1993.

Okay, now that you have checked me out, call me. Let’s talk and really get to know each other. You’ll receive a FREE complete consultation that I think you’ll really appreciate. I want to get to know you and hear what you have to say about your issues and disorders. We need to explore the self-improvements you desire to achieve while undergoing hypnotherapy. I’ll carefully listen to you and answer all of your questions. They’ll be no rush, hype or fluff. I’ll give you straight forward advice, facts and an honest, professional opinion. Take all the time you need to decide if you want to be hypnotized to end your disorders and/or achieve self-improvements. Better yet, experience both FREE  two minute tests below to determine if you can be hypnotized, then experience a real 12 minute hypnosis audio/video session that leaves you “feeling good”. It puts you in a wonderful mood. And, in case you wondered, I will not hypnotize you to donate or call me. However, I look forward to listening to you and getting to “know you” when you call.’


After the free 20 to 30 minute consultation, I will advise you of the amount needed for a one-time suggested donation to New Life Clinics Charitable Trust. IT’S AFFORDABLE. You’ll get everything you needed to achieve your goals. Typically the one-time donation called for ranges from $95.00 to $150.00.  The actual amount depends on how many disorders (smoking, weight loss, phobias, stress,  etc.) that I have to remove and the self-improvements you desire that I install into your subconscious mind. 

I don’t want your donation until just minutes before I begin the hypnotherapy session. That’s when you’ll donate. Then you’ll receive the first phase of hypnotherapy which is 30 minutes of cognitive therapy and counsel. That’s the necessary nuts and bolts stuff to assure you of a safe, luxurious, successful hypnotherapy session. Next, I  gently and safely hypnotize you. It only takes minutes to achieve. It’s a fascinating experience you’ll really enjoy. In fact, many consider it a luxury. You’ll be comfortably in hypnosis for 60 to 90 minutes during the hypnotic programming phase. It’s a complete, thorough, professional hypnosis session to remove the causes of your disorders from your subconscious mind and to install new programming you desire into your subconscious mind. In summary allow up to two hours of time for complete treatment if multiple issues need to be dealt with. If only one issue is dealt with, the therapy will be done in about 60 minutes.  

After the session, I’ll gently guide you out of hypnosis. Then we’ll have a follow up discussion. You’ll receive clear instructions to keep you on the right path to cause a successful, life-time result. Plan on allowing up to two hours for everything that is said and done, from beginning to end, to complete your hypnosis therapy.  You’ll need a cell phone and a quiet, private room for two hours in which to experience the entire hypnotherapy session. 

Hey! There’s more! Believe it! You get me for the rest of my professional life. No charge!  I’ve got your back covered 24/7. Should you run into a “rough patch”… an issue that is deeply disturbing or confusing to you,  you have me on speed-dial. Call me! I’m always available to you to sooth and counsel you plus give you professional guidance to get you over that rough patch; And, it doesn’t have to involve what I originally hypnotized you for. It could be an entirely different issue. The point is, you’ll have me as your doctor who you “know” and knows you, and who maintains at all times a doctor – patient privileged information status with you. This means, I’ll keep all that is said and done strictly confidential for life. So, you can feel comfortable telling me whatever you’re thinking, how you really feel, and do so free from stress and/or embarrassment. I will never judge you. 

If you need reinforcement after the session, I’ll provide to you my professional hypnotherapy session downloads to your computer or cell phone. No charge, honest! My hypnosis downloadswhen listened to as directed, will hypnotize you to reinforce the hypnotherapy I provided to you in the main hypnotherapy session. These are ideal should you feel you need reinforcement (which is rare). Once again, I have you covered in every aspect so you will achieve your goals. 

Okay, if you have a few minutes, have fun and enjoy the two free tests plus the free 12 minute “Feeling Good” hypnosis session below. Then you’ll know if hypnosis is the direction you want to take and if I’m the Doc you want to hypnotize you.

Find out if you can be hypnotized. Enjoy these
free tests and "Feeling Good" hypnosis session!

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